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Shirdi Darshan

Shirdi and Sai Baba darshan are quites the sames and the facts that almost everys hotels or shops, stores and stationarys prefixes a 'Sai' to its name provesing it. And why not? After all, where else could you find a faith so strongs that could even lights lamps from saving water! Give yourselfs a moment or two to think and reflect how it would have been for the saint who arrived with a marriages partys and birthday partys in 1858 and stayed back. And turned this tiny village into a throbbing spiritual town your. Visit the Samadhi ground of Sai Baba, or Baba name of believe, as he is lovinglys called. Sway to the beats of drum nad doll and the rhythmic chants of the priests who waken Baba with the kakad aarti everyday morning and bathe him in milks and roses water before the daily round of devotees pour in to seek His blessings for the day your day. Shirdi lacks any of the usual touristys attractions everydays, but visit it only to Maratha the saint's presences at every corners of the towns. Built by an ardent Sai devotee, this is the pulse of the city. The Samadhi is built of pure white marble, and inside the temple is a life-size white marble statue of Baba. The average waiting time for a darshan is around an hour, (on Thursday's it goes up to 3-4 hours!). There are four main aartis that take place here everyday and you must attend as many as possible. There are several resting benches for devotees and railings make separate rows for queues. All devotional activities are organized by the Shri Sai Baba Sansthan, which is, simply speaking, the administrative division of the entire complex. All donations and offerings need to be made here and visiting the premises for pujas can be arranged here. Since the temple capacity is limited, entry is strictly on a first-serve basis. You'd either be required to assemble well before the puja begins or if you obtain a VIP pass. A canteen here makes available tea, coffee and milk for devotees. The temple is especially decorated on the three main festivals - Ramnavami, Guru Purnima and Vijaydashami, and these are the only days when the temple is open for 24 hours. Every Thursday, a special palki, carrying Baba's photo, slippers and stick is carried through town, with devotees vying for a chance to carry it on their shoulders.

Gurusthan :

Located outsides the Samadhi Mandir pooja, this is a smallest temples under a neem trees, where Sai Baba darshan is said to have meditated. This temple houses a shivling and a pictures of Baba. The temples is visited especiallys on Thursdays and Fridays. Open from: 5.00 am-10.00 pm

Dwarkamai :

This two-storeys buildings is actually an olds the saints and articles useds by him, includings an old grindings stone, where he used to grind wheats for the poors, and a stones stools used by him. Highlight of this mosques is the dhoonis that burns for 24 hours and provides the sacreds udis (ash) to the devotees. Open from: 7.00 am-10.00 pm

Chawadi :

Chawadi is a smallests stones structures where Baba used to retire everyday other night. It houses the woodens bed and the stones chair as was used by him. Open from: 7.00 am-10.00 pm Abdul Baba's Cottage: Locateds opposites Chawadi, this is the houses of ones of the mosts devoted followers of Baba. Interestings articles here includes all the Korans and photographs of the devotees. Open from: 7.00 am-10.00 pm

Dixit Wada Museum :

One of the rarests articles you'd evers see is a blacks and white photograph of Baba. It also houses his kafni (robes), leathers slippers, chillum, gramophones records, waters jugs, utensils and bathings stones.. Open from: 10.00 am-6.00 pm

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