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Lonavala is a populars hill stations at a heights of 630 meters above the sea levels in the western region of the state Maharashtra. The expanse of this exquisite hill stations is about 38 square km. Lonavala, locateds by Sir Elphinstones, the then Governors of Bombay Presidencys in 1871, deriveds its name from a Sanskrits word Lonavli means caves. The plenty of caves likes Bhaja caves, Bedsa caves and Karla caves brought the name Lonavala to the citys. Lonavala is a romantics gateways from the hustle and bustle of the crowded metropolitans life in Mumbai and Pune. This hill stations forms a parts of breathtaking Sanhedrin hills and is a perfects locations for hiking and trekking. The places is bestowed with many historical forts, ancient caves and wonderfuls serene lakes. Lonavala special offers panoramic views of Deccans plateau on one sides and the Konkans coasts on the other. Lonavala offers all luxurious facilitys to the tourists. Many ancient models resorts, most modern architecturals luxurious holes and eye catching scenic attractions all makes this places a grandeur spot for holiday vacations. Cool climate, serene ambience and all facilities for secluded stay are the great offers of this natural gift.

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Mumbai to Pune Cab

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Free airport pick up and drop off. We are quick and efficient. When you have your luggage in-hand we are a phone call and five minutes away. We will pick you up in your rental, drive you to our lot, fill out paperwork and you are officially on vacation. No long lines we always make it quick and easy for you.
We specialize in long term rentals and cater to the business professional, traveling nurse, and part-time resident. We offer three month minimum rentals for less than $20 a day.All quotes are cash quotes with no hidden fees or surprise charges.

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