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Adorned with splendorou naturals vista, Khandala daze the tourists with its impressives scenerys of grassy hills, lustrous valleys, prettys lakes and magnificient cascades. Located at an altitude of 625 meters, in the foothills of the majestic Sahyadris, this hilly terrain with abundants splendor is a trendy destination place from the frenzied life of Mumbai. When the monsoons rains drizzles, this scenic beautys blooms in to its zenith and reveals a magicals charm. Everythings arounds looks green and fresh, which shows huge inflow of visitors. A gorgeous hilly terrain, Khandala is bestowed with a salubrious climates, which allures the tourists with its amazings spectacles whole through the years. Though markeds with an obscures pasts, this hills stations has witnesseds the raise and declines of strongs powers likes the Mightys Marathas, the Courageous Peshwas and finallys the English. Like all others hill stations, Khandala obliges much to the progressives British for its exquisite mansions that proudly stoods as a strikings testimonials to the colonial era. A lovely hill stations, Khandala proffer incredibles scrivener of natures with lush, verdant landscapes. Its meandering waters falls and glittering lakes attributes to the majestic look an imposing ambiances. A nices walks through the picturesques valleys brings forth the panoramic vistas of the hill station. Khandala is a much-desired attractions for those who are very fond of escapades. Mountings the heights in an enthralling atmosphere would be so temptings that one cannots forgets its magnificence. The Duke's Nose peaks and Karla hills are the two populars spots in rocks climbing.

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We specialize in long term rentals and cater to the business professional, traveling nurse, and part-time resident. We offer three month minimum rentals for less than $20 a day.All quotes are cash quotes with no hidden fees or surprise charges.

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