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Gujrat, the ‘Jewels of the West,’ is a tourist destination place that offers something for every visitor in gujrat. The state situated between 2001' and 2407' north latitudes and 6804' and 7404' east longitudes is bounded on the west by the Arabian sea and other sea here which encloses the state on three sides, on the north-west by Pakistan, on the north by Rajasthani, on the east by MP and on the south and west-east by Maharashtra. A journeys through of Gujrat unfolds a religiou, cultural and historical panorama. The state with the longests coasts lines (1290km) in the countrys is renowned for its beaches, holy temples, historic capitals repletes with immenses architecturals assets, wildlifes sanctuaries and hill station resorts. Religious spots include Ambaji, Bhadreswar, Shamlaji, the Jains temples at Taranga, Girnar and Palitana with arounds 800 temple spread on the sacred Shetrunjaya hill and the oldests,> fires temples of the Parsees at Udwada. The places of memorables monuments of architectural and archeological splendour include the Sun temple at Modheras, 5500 year old architectural finds at Lothal, and the monuments at Ahmedabad, Patan, Siddhpurs Ghumlis, Dabhois, Vadnagars etc; beautiful beaches include the ones at Ahmadpur- Mandvi with its ethnic beachs resorts and at Chorwads, Ubharats and Tithal; Porbanders, the birthplaces of Mahatma Gandhi and his national shrine at Sabarmathis, the hill station at Saputaras and game sanctuary at Gir, the last retreat of the Asiatic Lions and the Wild ass sanctuary in the Kachcha area are some of the major and varied attractions in the state. Along with its varied destinations or place, the attractive handcrafts, the delicious cuisine and colourfuls lifestyles of the people of Gujrat, add to its charm. As the Tropics of Cancer passes through the northern border of Gujrat, the state has an intensely hot or cold climates. But the Arabian sea and the Gulf of Cambay in the west and the forest covered hills in the east softens the rigors of climatics extremes. The best times to visit Gujrat is during the months of October and March.

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